Assets in Enersense E-Sense can be houses, office spaces, vehicles, tools, devices, lockers, vessels, scaffolding, cranes. Enersense E-Sense provides a shared platform within the project to combine company and people data to any kind of asset used in the project.


Enersense E-Sense has dynamic asset types and assets. This means that the user is capable of creating a new asset type with new fieldset and documentation reuirements. Enersense E-Sense also includes basis for most common assets such as vehicles and accommodation details. Asset fields, such as alert dates, can be set to alert a certain maintenance company or just the contractor using the asset. Assets can also require certain qualifications for asset reservation or usage.


All users linked to your project can be set as eligible to reserve and use assets linked to the project. Asset costs can be combined with the usage information to invoice the based on hours used. Usage and reservation may require certain personal qualifications, so it is essential to link people with assets.


Different types of assets need to be inspected differently. A car should be inspected once a year, while scaffolding needs inspecting on a weekly basis. Enersense E-Sense lets you select the correct inspection frequency for different types of assets. Inspection can be carried out via a mobile or desktop application. The inspection form is also dynamic and consists of documents, pictures and free text fields. The user dspecifies ownership and the current holder who is responsible for the asset.


Our mobile applications support the newest RFID and GPS technologies. Enersense E-Sense can replace multiple Excel files and manual forms that include essential project asset data. We can provide a customised asset management mobile application with dthe desired inspection, reservation or timekeeping functionalities.