Companies involved in your project are employers, sometimes new and unknown. It is essential to make sure that companies pay their taxes and employee-related insurance payments on time. Enersense E-Sense's auditing and subcontractor chain management tools give you a full overview of the company base involved in the project.


Enersense E-Sense audit assignments are the answer to large-scale procurement organization for contractor auditing. The assignments can include a basic liability information inspection, but the audit can be enhanced to support your own contractor requirements. The audit is directly integrated into the workforce and access permit procedures. All company-related material and information is stored in the company database, where the contractors themselves have an access to maintain updated information on the companies. Enersense E-Sense can also retrieve company information from authorities and using software with some modern file transfer possibilities.


The companies are managed in Enersense E-Sense from procurement to the end of the project. Companies are linked to projects via contracts. Contracts can consist of dynamic information on contractual values and specified contractual documents. The auditing process supports the contract management tool, documentation and scheduling. Any resource used on the project can be combined with the contract ID, thereby allowing for the efficient use of valuable workforce and asset data.


The type of work, company and workforce activity period and phases of the project give Enersense E-Sense users a great opportunity to monitor and manage the project schedule in a compact and pipeline view. You can set milestones and deadlines to all types of tasks and alert the contractor with any missing information. Share scheduling work with contractors by providing them access to their own scope scheduling. In larger projects our scheduling experts are able to support contractors.


Enersense E-Sense has been used for documentation management in nuclear and oil & gas projects. In addition to the system, we also have a strong set of documentation specialists to support larger documentation projects. We have developed Enersense E-Sense documentation to provide entire project DDL through contractor and stakeholder input. Enersense E-Sense and its expert service also shortens the approval period by redline procedure and milestone functionalities.


We use the most efficient modern technologies for the digital approval process. Named personnel will be constantly updated regarding any new action or input in documentation process. Our digital signature tools are perfect for redline procedure and document approval.