The unique value and features that our E-Sense platform can offer our clients:

✓ Maximum information security with a minimum number of Excel sheets
✓ Enable clients to comply with supply chain related rules & legislation
✓ Save time on (manual) processes that are currently time consuming and not value-adding
✓ Cost avoidance and cost savings on procurement
✓ Most comprehensive tax office and audit reporting
✓ Rapidly growing and managing the supplier network
✓ Provide better tools to manage Health & Safety information and procedures
✓ Saving operational cost of supply chain auditing
✓ Expanded and improved supplier network
✓ Databank for construction project resources
✓ Procurement support service increases procurement efficiency
✓ Integrated access permit management and access control
✓ Share responsibility with a highly experienced partner
✓ The entire project subcontractor chain receives savings and risk management advantages

From our headquarters in Pori (Finland) our FTE team is expanding and growing our business internationally. Primary target markets are The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hungary, The United States of America, SE-Asia and China.




Project services

Our administrative service team ensures that your project fully complies with local regulatory requirements. Every day we create savings to our clients and carry our valuable risk management throughout the entire project subcontractor chain. We ensure secure data flow before, during and after the project.

Our main services

• Contractor liability information verification and management
• Employee and contract information reporting to Tax Authority
• Foreign workforce information management
• On-site access permit management


Safety - Our Core Value

We treasure safety before and during any construction project. Our E-Sense platform and the administrative services have been created to support project management and safety organisation.

We improve site safety by optimising the project information flow from procurement to daily access control. Our responsibility is to ensure that our clients are constantly aware of their supply chain liability, workforce and asset presence. We have proven that our concept works even in the most demanding construction projects.

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