Enersense E-Sense provides a dynamic set of project features to collect and manage worker data and documents. All workers are individuals and can be granted access to the Enersense E-Sense My Page. Employee information is often used by project safety, supervision and security departments.


We have a strong understanding of regulatory workforce information to be managed under different projects. With Enersense E-Sense, you are able to attach people to projects and obtain data with less manual effort via the contractor views and My Page views. Our administrative services keep you updated on any issues that require your attention. Our goal is to enable projects with a minimal number of manual forms or Excel sheets. With cross-departmental automation and software integration, Enersense E-Sense workforce information can be used a the master data tool for any kind of construction project or industrial area access permit services. We specialize in controlling workforce information throughout the entire subcontractor chain, from recruitment and auditing to employee reporting.


In order to achieve a complete project timesheet, Enersense E-Sense provides three methods for recording time worked: 1. Via access control timestamps 2. Via contractor site manager input 3. Via worker My Page input In addition to information on time worked, you can link work order or contract information to contractors. In this way, Enersense E-Sense makes it possible to approve all contractor invoice data and even achieve a project that requires no separate invoicing. Information on time worked can also be linked to projects phases and therefore used to monitor work progress. The time worked by all workers can be used in accident frequency reporting.


Workers' qualifications and skills form the basis of a successful project. Enersense E-Sense provides a vacancy and scope related qualification management tool. All qualifications can be determined with an expiration date and supporting documentation to prove qualification validity. Qualification management can be integrated with the project access control. A person with missing or expired qualifications is turned away by the access control devices and the work supervisors have constant view of the qualifications status overall throughout the subcontractor chain.


We have provided hundreds of access control devices to projects with 60 - 2,500 workers on site. We have proven our capacity and system uptime in the worst -case conditions. Our mobile and fixed access control system can be fully integrated into general workforce information management and is thus the best choice for project safety and security purposes of all kinds. We are able to provide access control for entire sites with a list of devices including: - Access control gates with hardware and software - Cards, card printers and cameras - Security tools, - HSE Supervisor and Security Mobile application - Digital signature equipment