We optimise project expertise and information

We provide the right experts and solutions for every stage of every project. In addition to the best international contacts, we have access to a user-friendly project management system and the efficient Project Motion service concept.

Administrative and consultancy service

We manage and control documents required by the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out as well as contract and employee information reporting according to the information reporting requirement in the construction industry.

Our experts take care of the management and monitoring of documents as well as reporting to the authorities, as required by the project notification obligation. We take care of the inspection of documents required by the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out. We file taxes and reports to the authorities. We act as a posted workers' representative for foreign companies in Finland. We utilise the Enersense E-Sense system, developed by us, for collaboration with authorities and for information management.

We manage the information going to and from authorities during projects and we optimise

  • employee and subcontracting notifications for the Finnish Tax Administration
  • the inspection and management of documents complying with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out
  • management of tax numbers
  • management of work permits
  • management of information related to health and safety at work
  • the representative service for posted workers
Project management

We provide the most skilful professionals for demanding projects. Our experts work in key roles in projects within the energy industry.

Among our experienced professionals you’ll find the experts you need for various project management and project administration tasks. We have developed Project Motion, a turnkey service to support project management. The service includes the Enersense E-Sense system, developed for use by experienced professionals, that optimises all of a project's resources management and reporting: employees' details, information to and from authorities, work permits and access passes, contracts, equipment and deliveries. The system helps project administrators to efficiently manage extensive projects and the entire subcontracting chain.

We provide experts for projects and we optimise

  • planning and scheduling
  • resource management
  • procurement management
  • subcontractor auditing
  • contract management
  • logistics management
  • technical and commercial project management
  • deployment management
  • the management and monitoring of subcontractors and contracted work
Occupational safety

We take charge of project supervision and occupational safety in the supply chain. We take complete responsibility for occupational safety and supervision in the supply chain. We have the best control systems and experts at our disposal.

Our occupational safety experts ensure safety throughout the entire subcontracting chain during the project. We create safety plans and train the project personnel. Our safety team supervises compliance with occupational safety and, if needed, provides guidance 24/7. The digital solutions we have developed optimise the management of access passes, access control and safety data. The services are easily accessible on mobile devices.

We ensure the safety of project work and optimise

  • safety planning
  • occupational safety training
  • ensuring safety
  • access control
  • management of safety data
  • monitoring of permits, qualifications and rights
Quality assurance

We take care of quality assurance at every step of every project. Our inspectors are qualified to participate in global operations.

We provide a complete set of services to ensure quality in every stage of the project. Our project administrators supervise the quality of work through the entire subcontracting chain. Our Enersense E-Sense system helps to manage and report quality assurance information. We also take charge of the technical quality inspections of projects. Our inspectors are qualified to participate in projects in the energy industry all over the world.

We ensure the quality of project work and optimise

  • supervision of construction work
  • supervision and inspections of technical and electrical work
  • scaffolding supervision
  • supervision of insulation and equipment
  • inspections of surface treatment work
  • welding inspections (including NDT inspections)
  • quality inspections
Information management

We take full responsibility for of the documentation, information management and reporting process in every project.

We efficiently take care of project information management, which is an integral part of our Project Motion service. Our Enersense E-Sense system, developed by us to assist our experts, contains easily accessible project details for the entire subcontracting chain. The system acts as a project management tool for the management and supervision of subcontracting chains, employees and assets. Reporting to the authorities can also be done via the system. The online environment-based Enersense E-Sense is optimised and customised to the needs of each project.

We synchronise project data management and optimise

  • management of employee information
  • management of time tracking and shifts
  • management of work permits and qualifications
  • management of access passes
  • management of equipment and materials
  • asset management
  • management of premises
  • management of information to and from authorities
  • management of contracts and documents
Resources and subcontracting

We provide the most skilful professionals for demanding projects. We take complete responsibility for our services and the work completed by the staff.

We provide adept professionals for each task in each project. In addition to recruiting the required staff for sites, we take full responsibility for the team's work. Our project managers take care of supervision, reporting, occupational safety and quality assurance. Subcontractors can outsource the entire projects to us and be sure of their quality. For example, we have the largest group of surface treatment professionals in Finland.

We allocate resources for project teams and we optimise

  • surface treatment work
  • welding, installations and other construction work
  • electrical engineering, construction engineering and mechanical design
  • office work
  • logistics services
  • documentation

Digital solutions

We develop individual digital solutions for the needs of the industry. Clients' challenges often relate to the development of mobile services, the Internet of Things and cloud services. We also provide assistance with system integration. We develop programs and applications for several platforms and technologies. We always choose technologies and tools according to their suitability for the client’s operations, operational environment and users’ needs. Our software developers are competent with all standard mobile technologies, such as Android, iOS, Windows and HTML5.

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Administrative and consultancy service
Resources and subcontracting
Project management
Quality assurance
Information management
We optimised resources for a nuclear power plant
Administrative and consultancy service
Resources and subcontracting
Project management
Quality assurance
Information management
access control
Administrative and consultancy service
Resources and subcontracting
Project management
Quality assurance
Information management
We optimised contractor chain management
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